Mike O’Donnell
Rockefeller University, Box 228
1230 York Avenue
NY, NY 10065
email: odonnel[at]

Where are we located?

We are located in New York City. I don’t know if it is middle earth, Gotham or Metropolis. But it is a real place, as airplanes can be seen coming and going every second or two from all over the world. The lab is located in is called Rockefeller University. While small, it has a lot of great science going on. This is where DNA was first discovered to be the genetic material of life, where chemical synthesis of proteins was first established and many many other very neat things. It’s on the upper east side of the city, overlooking the East River. The picture below shows the outline of the campus (yellow dashes), and approximate location of our lab. The other “green spot” in this “city jungle” is central park.

To put the location more firmly in context of the city, it is in the borough of Manhattan. The Google map below gives the location of Rockefeller University relative to the whole of Manhattan. Most of the “green areas” are water, except Central Park. The rest is built up metropolis. The two major airports, Laguardia and JFK, are on the “top” and “bottom” of Queens, and the best mode of transport to the University is via Taxi cab. Just tell the cab driver to go to the intersection of 66th and York Avenue, and they’ll drop you off at the main gate of Rockefeller University. Cost will vary, maybe 30-40 bucks or so, and 20min to 1 hr depending on the airport and the time of day. Coming in via bus or train brings you to Times Square, either at Grand Central station or Port Authority. These are close to one another, and unless you want to use the subway system, the same directions to a taxi cab are recommended. It’ll take about 15 min and 7-10 dollars.

Lab location is the 14th floor of the Weiss building, number 25/26 on the map below. To get to the lab: